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Step into Claire’s and your guaranteed to be greeted by enthusiastic staff, with the one aim of helping you to shop happy. Kingsway centre’s store is always popular with the pre teens and teens market thanks to the choice of accessories, collectables and beauty products in a range of colours from brands including Squeezamals, L.O.L Surprise and Pucker Pops.

And two services the store offers? Professional ear piercing in a relaxed environment with trained and experienced specialists and a variety of Birthday party experiences. The company has been piercing ears for 40 years. In Kingsway Centre customers have been requesting single ear piercing as well as the traditional pair piercings and staff have pierced ears from youngsters to the retired, boys and girls alike.

We love to offer customers that little bit more; you’ll often find us running face painting events, competitions and little extras. We find our Newport customer’s like a bit of sparkle and glow and we’re proud to build on the Kingsway Centre experience.


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"We find our Newport  customer's like a bit of sparkle and glow and we're proud to build on the Kingsway Centre experience"

- Chloe, Manager, Claire's Kingsway Centre

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