Tea like you’ve never tasted before!Tea like you’ve never tasted before!

Tea like you’ve never tasted before – an exotic spin on everyday iced tea and milkshakes.

To make bubble tea, the shop’s owners, Greg and Judith, add tapioca ‘pearls’ and
juice-filled capsules to a variety of flavoured teas and milks, ranging from strawberry and pineapple to more exotic flavours like green matcha and lychee.

After being shaken like a cocktail, the drink is ready. Using a large straw, the pearls are drunk at the same time as the tea – providing an unusual and exciting experience as the balls pop in the mouth.

The origins of the beverage date back to 1980s Taiwan, and Bubble Trouble’s owners were inspired to open their own store after trying the drink in London a few years ago.

They say their shop has already attracted the attention of people who are familiar
with bubble tea, as well as people who have never heard of it before, but are intrigued
by the concept.