Hassle free, friendly face to face serviceHassle free, friendly face to face service

Going on Holiday? Planning a Trip?

We may not stock sombreros or sun cream but we do have other holiday essentials.

Maximising your money is a key priority when going abroad. Whether it be a romantic short break,  visiting family long haul or a swift business trip, our staff work hard to ensure you get the best rates possible leaving you with that little bit of extra cash to enjoy.

In Kingsway Centre we get lots of regulars who use us frequently as they know they’ll get a hassle free, friendly face to face service. We’re conveniently located near the main retail entrance and always easy to find which is important when you have a last minute list of to- dos to sort out. 

This year, our Newport customers have been requesting popular currency such as the Euro, US Dollars and Turkish Lira with the European hotspots of Spain & Greece still dominating many travellers choice of destination.

We love being part of people’s adventures from the start through to the return journey so please bear us in mind when planning your next trip. Suitcases at the ready!