28 July 2020

'Up Yours Corona' blimp in Newport

Story sourced from South Wales Argus:


A GIANT blimp is set to fly over Newport – and its all thanks to BBC Radio 1 Breakfast host Greg James.

The blimp has the message ‘Up Yours Corona’ and is the DJ’s attempt to “bring the population of the planet together”.

When the blimp is sailing over Newport – tethered to the top of Kingsway car park – one person could be chosen to shout ‘Up Yours Corona’ live on Radio 1.

It is part of a global “mission”, with the aim of finding 193 people from 193 countries to shout the phrase.

People from Greece, Malaysia, Fiji, Bulgaria, Columbia, the UAE and more have all joined in by shouting ‘Up Yours Corona’ in their native languages.

But with one day left, there is still 57 countries to go.

Should someone from Newport be selected, they would have the choice to shout in English or Welsh.

And while the Welsh translation is not perfect, this is what would make grammatical sense:

“i fyny eich un chi Corona.”

The blimp is set to fly over Newport from 2pm-3pm.

If you're heading out to take a look, please observe social distancing.

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: “It's rare that everyone in the world is affected by the same thing at the same time, but it feels as though we can all agree we need coronavirus to go away.

“And Greg reckons it's a perfect opportunity to bring the population of the planet together.

“We've ticked off 133 countries! Want to represent your country? Head to: www.bbc.co.uk/upyours.”