26 April 2019

Easter Activities at Kingsway Centre

Come and join in the fun this Easter at Kingsway Centre. We have a whole host of exciting events lined up for you, and best of all their all completely FREE!!

For those of you planning on comign along to our Dino Day, the event will take place in the central area of the Centre, with a break out space in one of the units for some additional activities.

The day will include 3 amazing large walking dinosaurs the T.rex, Spinosaurus and Utahrapror. We also have live egg hatches to enjoy and baby dinosaurs. There's even a talking Parasaurolophus called Percy along with the fossil table to teach everyone about dinosaurs.

There will be interactive iPads for children to use and learn about the dinosaurs, and is a great interactive learning experience.

Lets not forget the largest walking Dinosaur in the UK, LITTLE AL will be out during the day to amaze the adults and children but don't worry the rangers will keep a close eye on him.

We also have lined up:
17th April 11am-4pm - Cookie & Cake Decorating
17th April 11am-3pm - Sporting Fun courtesy of Newport Live
19th April 11am-4pm - Easter Hunt - Prizes for everyone who takes part
24th April 11am-4pm - Dino Day
25th April 11am-3pm - Arts & Crafts

Fun for All the Family!!