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5 Student Essentials

If uni or college is on the cards this month, check out a few of our shopping must haves to help you prepare for the next step!


1. Get Organised!

Keep clothes tidy in small spaces by investing in portable storage. Wilko has a range of home helps to keep floors clear. Storage featured is £6.50.

2. Eat Healthy

Shared kitchens or limited cooking areas needn't be an obstacle to cooking fresh. Ditch the pasties and toast and switch to grilled meat and veg with a George Foreman Small Grill from £22.00 (B&M).

3. Boost your Vitamins

Vitamin D is a great immune booster. Take a dose daily to ease over indulgence and protect against colds. Vitamin D 75mg tablets £1.49, Bodycare.

4. Don't Miss out on Anything

Keep a stash pens at hand (yes, ok we all have a mobile but you never know). Staedtler's set of colourful pens are great for making notes at lectures with colour coded flair as well as coming in handy for sticky post-it messages to flat mates! £2.00, Poundland.

5.Bundles are Best

Savers makes it easy by packaging popular goods in one economic bundle. Their cleaning essentials pack at just £14.99 should ensure no dirty washing piles and squeaky clean work surfaces and fragrant bathrooms only!


Kingsway Centre wishes all those enrolling at uni or college this September the best of luck..our motto?- be prepared The Kingsway way!

keeping u safe
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