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Back to School List

Tick off your back to school to-do list with a little help from Kingsway Centre:

Lunch boxes & accessories

It has to be B&M for boxes, bottles and containers to keep food fresh all day long.


Snacks for energy

Sainsbury's is the best place to pick up fresh ingredients for sandwiches, drinks and brunch bars to keep kids focused all day long. Don't forget, you can also click and collect for Sainsbury's TU and Argos at this store meaning you can order and pick up uniform essentials too!


Hair accessories

Neat and tidy, loud and proud. Stock up on colourful hair decor courtesy of Claire's.


Don't miss the bus

F Hinds is the go to stores for watches and alarm clocks, essential for getting your kids to school and classes on time.



Ok, not for the kids but we reckon that a cheeky latte never hurt anyone after a busy day shopping (though of course, the bottle of fizz also looks very tempting!)


Shoes for all activities

Look no further than Shoezone. Wellies, waking boats and school shoes and PE trainers can be bought in one go. Easy peasy!

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