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Here for..Starting Out

We all know how tight money is but in Kingsway our stores are pulling out all stops to help you shape your home whatever your budget.


1. Checkout Wilko's top tips and products for the Kitchen

For kitchen tips, head over to Wilko's blog, full of practical home advice and products that are easy on the eye as well as the pocket.

Find the link here- Wilko Kitchen Ideas

2. Head over to Savers blog on the cheapest and most effective cleaning products

Look after your home with a range of cleaning goodies from Savers, selected for their budget busting results- Savers Product list

3. Make your money work for you..

We're not just here for shopping! Your local Principality branch is hosted at Kingsway Centre. Whether you want mortgage advice, savings help pop in store and speak to the team. Everyone's looking to max their money and we're here to help!


Helping you make your money go further..

keeping u safe
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