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Pet Appeal

According to the PDSA, we are a nation of pet owners with over 10 million dogs and 11 million cats sharing our homes with 30% of Welsh homes claiming to own a dog.


Wilko launches a new range of pet products

With research suggesting that we spend an eye watering £264 on pet gifts every year (source: One Poll, 2015), Wilko has pulled out all stops to ensure great value prices on its ranges of luxury and essential pet products.

Popular Buys


From Birthdays to anniversaries, our pets are getting more and more goodies. But the biggest splurge date is Christmas. Wilko have made it easy with their easy to make dog and cat hampers scoring high on the 'must- have' list. A complete range of food, toys and grooming essentials at money saving prices.


How many of us have social media full of dressed up cats, dogs and even birds? The choice of outfits has exploded and is one of the biggest spend areas when buying for pets. From rain coats, to Santa outfits, swim wear to hats, there's nothing we won't try on our prized companions (safely of course).


Grooming and good dental care also score highly. Wilko has a huge range of dental six, chews and toys making it easier to keep teeth in tip top condition.

And for short or long haired cats and dogs, there's also great choice on grooming.


It's not just about the cats and dogs...

From reptiles to birds, the store also has pet products for all.

Their rabbit and guinea pig products are some of our faves!

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