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Top 5 Family Christmas Gifts

Kingsway Centre has a host of Christmas gift ideas for under £20!

1. Savers, Tyson Fury's 'Fury', £14.95

Tyson Fury’s “Fury” fragrance opens up with a precious wood inspired sensation, evoking powerful exotic eastern spices. Followed by sandalwood and rosewood, with a hint of amber for a sensual warmth, this pioneering composition gives you the power to succeed.

2. F Hinds, Silver Stars Stud Earrings, £9.95, optional gift box £2.99

A three little stars line up for these 14mm earrings, that would look especially good on the ear - simple yet so very well designed. Add a beautiful gift box and still stay in budget!

3. Bon Marche, Christmas Nightwear, from £14.

Who doesn't love super comfy Christmas pyjamas? Choose from a selection of designs for maximum comfort and maximum style.

4. Castle Farm, Build your Own Hamper, from £10

You can build a hamper using any products from Castle Farm shop.

The team can provide the box and wrapping and even wrap it for you if you want! Castle Farm can also put one together at a budget to suit!

Castle Farm has their own produce as well as produce from small, local independent businesses.

5. Claire's, Pokémon™ Soft Toy, various, £20

It's not just jewellery at Claire's! One of Kingsway Centre's most popular stores, we think you can buy almost ANYTHING for kids and teens here.

Gotta catch 'em all! In this case, you really did. With this Pokémon™ soft toy, the cuddles will be endless. From couch cushions, to twin beds, this plush toy is equipped to provide action-packed dreams, while paying homage to your favorite blushin' buddy. With this collection, you could get Pikachu, Squirtle, Chimchar, Pancham, Piplup, or Turtwig. Which one will you get?! Purchase in store to pick your favourite!

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